HIEB — The Metropolitan Zeitgeist

HIEB is an independent print magazine that indulges in the entertaining complexity of the contemporary metropolis. Published out of Vienna, one of the world’s most livable cities, HIEB explores the status quo and richness of urban life worldwide from an insider’s perspective, covering an eclectic mix of international topics.  

100 pages of high quality paper, with gold-embossed lettering on the cover, dissect the contemporary metropolis two times a year, HIEB by HIEB.

Shops that distribute HIEB:

VIENNA: Hartliebs BücherKunsthalle WienKunsthaus WienLia WolfMAK Design ShopOECHSLI Buch & PapierPARK Concept StorePregenzer Fashion StoreQwstionSamstag ShopSecession MuseumsshopS/GHTThe SupersenseVOLTAWien Museum Shop 


SWITZERLAND (online only): LOREM (not Ipsum)